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Adult Programmes


We have very interesting on-going study groups, with different subject areas and languages:

Saturday, 2:30~4:00pm

Humanities/Social Science Group

This is called the MEA Gang. We choose a book by popular request, and study it together. It is an English discussion group, with all the members participating in the thinking and talking process. We have tea/coffee together, afterwards. Come to learn with fun!

Wednesday, 6:30~8:00pm

Originally, this was set up as a philosophy group. Today, we cover history.




(1) Re-build your Language

This is designed for those who wish to brush up their language ability. Most members under this category have either joined the work force, or have already left it, for shorter or longer period. In most cases, they find themselves lacking a solid background, and they want to re-build the fundamentals.

The group meets once a week, for 1.5 hrs, usually in the evening on one weekday. A few do it during day time because members have flexible work schedules. The choice of learning materials depends on what is best for the group's purpose.


(2) Broaden your Horizon

When Ox Barn (Ngau Pang) was founded, one of its founders' major goals was to promote learning in the public sphere, i.e. out of the Academy. As a private organisation, MEA shares with them the same vision and spirit, with a difference: MEA uses English as the medium for this programme.

The approach we adopt is what is known as the Liberal Arts training. We choose materials from the three worlds: the human, the social, the scientific. Each study group consists of 4/5 members at the most, and the tutor will lead the discussion. Because of time constraint, we have set aside the writing part for the time being. But each person will have to read an article, reflect on it, form his opinion, and argue his case in class. This is how the programme tries to kill two birds with one stone: you have a free flow of ideas and knowledge, and you keep up with your listening, reading, speaking skill at the same time. If a person handles only the knowledge of his own profession and nothing else, his horizon will be very limited indeed.

To give an illustration of the range of our texts:

Humanities: historical works, language & life, literature, philosophy, essays & memoirs

Science/Technology: cloning, 'artificial' intelligence, sci-fi, pollution and our world, environment, purpose of technology

Social Science: capital punishment, gender debate, psychological mask, human dignity & freedom, interpersonal relationship, abortion, aids & our lives

Our classes take place in the midst of a light-hearted atmosphere. Members have snacks and drink while sharing their thoughts by discourse. We do not stand on formality.


(3) Renaissance Groups

MEA has organised learning groups with specific aims. Participants in the group are looking for knowledge of a special area. For example, we ran a series of public lectures in 2003. We are running a short-term studies programme in early 2006 (see News).

If there are special requests, it may be possible to invite guest lecturers from different fields to offer their expertise.


We will announce, from time to time, our activities past and present, in the hope that more may come to join the cultural scene. Some selected articles are also posted on the web for all to read. (Please click into the NEWS and ARTICLES columns.)

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