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Nov. 2014
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MEA moves to the nearby Shing Lee Commercial Building.

週六通識班選取了 Tom Bingham 的 The Rule of Law 閱讀。
Our Saturday class chose Tom Bingham's The Rule of Law to read.


Ronald Teng was invited to the radio programme "Philosophical Dialogue" by Radio Television Hong Kong. Please click here for details.

This is MEA, a school with a difference

If Raphael's The School of Athens stands out with the immense fresco, its leisure scene of the philosophic activities recalls the good old meaning of "school", which has its origins from Ancient Greek - "leisure and study".

Study is leisure

Care to explore into the minds of the great politicians and thinkers in the past? William James says it: how far we can see the future depends on how deep we can look back into the past.

Do you doubt the value of literary studies or, for that matter, liberal arts studies, for the future of his/her work-life? Amy Tan, the renowned author of Joy Luck Club, has an interesting article called "Mother Tongue" to tell how her mother's spoken English has affected her life.

From life to literature, from death to morality, from mistaken assumptions to common practice, MEA hosts reading groups for resourceful reading, analytical thinking and critical comments, in a relaxed ambience.

Reading groups are hosted by Dr Ronald Teng (Ph. D., Chicago), who promotes liberal arts in Hong Kong.

追溯古希臘語。School 是「閑暇」和「修習」的意思,就像拉斐爾的名畫《雅典學校》措繪的意境--閑適 的舉止,活潑的氣氛。追求知識,本是一種閑暇。

你是否想要找一個地方,邊喝咖啡邊閱讀、思考,繼能和志同道合者暢談?你是否也渴求知識?但在資訊極度膨脹的 今天,怎樣才能真正收獲知識,對抗偏見。盲目和迷思呢?

到MEA來圍坐一起,你可以在咖啡香氤中探索是非,明辦真假:「人口」一詞有甚麼含義?哈利波特瘋魔全球的元 素在哪裏?《斷背山》在同性戀以外揭露了甚麼陳年舊史?又或者,為何社會發展要邁向民主制度?為甚麼柏拉圖的作品,還值得大家去讀?從飲食、文藝到政治, 一切問題背後都有更深層的意義,如此多變而多元的世界,才格外引人入勝。


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